Diane Moser’s Composers Big Band


Diane Moser — Musical Director, Pianist, and Contributing Composer

A 17 piece big band formed for the purpose of developing and presenting new music. Beginning in January of 1997 with monthly concerts, the CBB features the music of nine resident composers as well as special guest composers and performers.

I have had the honor of leading this band of incredible musicians since 1997. Over 100 guest composers and performers from the NYC area, various regions of the US and as far away as Ireland and Japan have presented their music and played with the Composers Big Band. These musical journeys have produced music of many styles; from straight ahead Jazz to Latin, Indian Ragas, Funk, Blues, Experimental and everything in between. Many projects have included poets, actors, electronics, film, Soundpainting and even a Jazz opera! Homage is paid to great composers of the past by playing the music of Charles Mingus, Oliver Nelson and Jaki Byard. The CBB is a dedicated group of musicians and composers who come together with the mission of exploring and going forward with big band music.
– Diane Moser

Visit the “Live at Tierney’s” page to listen to samples of the CD, the video page for 2 short documentaries on the band and live performances and their myspace page to hear more recorded-live music!

Members of CBB




Rhythm Section

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Performance Highlights

Diane Moser’s Composers Big Band Celebrates Winter Solstice with “The Music of the Spheres” featuring guest soloist; tenor saxophonist Bob Hanlon
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ, Dec 18th, 2013)
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The Music of Pepper Adams and Tony Faulkner with guest composer arranger;Tony Faulkner
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ, Nov 13, 2013)
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Annual Peace Concert:A Tribute to Amos Kaune, Joan Finn and Daniel Pearl World Music Days
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ, Oct 9, 2013)
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Featuring Guest Arranger/Brazilian Jazz Guitarist Billy Newman
(Trumpets Jazz Club,Montclair,NJ July 17th, 2013)
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Music of the Spheres Concert
featuring world premiere of “Music of the Spheres” by Diane Moser, selections from “Jazz in the Space Age” by George Russell, guest artist tenor saxophonist Bob Hanlon, music by composers Matt Haviland, Rob Middleton, Jeff Raheb and Ed Xiques.
(Meadowlands Environmental Center, Lyndhurst, NJ April 10th, 2013)
Funded in part through New Music USA’s MetLife Creative Connections program.
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16th Anniversary Concert
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ Jan 16th, 2013)
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Peace Concert — Daniel Pearl World Music Days
(Trumpets Jazz Club Montclair, NJ Oct 2012)
The Big Band Music of Jaki Byard
(Trumpets Jazz Club Montclair, NJ 6/13/12)
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15th Anniversary!
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ March 14th, 2012)
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Daniel Pearl World Music Days:Tribute to Frank Foster and Birthday Celebration for Elzy Kolb
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ, Oct 12, 2011)
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Featuring and Celebrating Montclair Composers:Marty Fogel, Rob Henke, Jim McNeely, Rob Middleton and Diane Moser
(Trumpets Jazz Club, June 1, 2011)
14th Anniversary! Featuring guest vocalist Marcelino Feliciano, composer Russ Vines and baritone saxophonist/tuba player Howard Johnson!
(Trumpets Jazz Club, Montclair, NJ, January 26,2011)
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Lake George Jazz Festival
(Lake George, NY) Sept 2009
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The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
“In The Spirit of Mingus” a concert series in tribute to Charles Mingus (New York, NY) Feb 2009
Featuring Guest Artists:Composer and New School alum Lenart Krecic, Vocalist Marcelino Feliciano and Video DJ Schiller
Trumpets Jazz Club
(Montclair, NJ) November 2003-Present (monthly/semi monthly appearances)
9th Anniversary Celebration Featuring Vocalist Jackie Cain, Guest Conductor Bill Kirchner and singing the role of Roy Kral; Rich DeRosa (January 25, 2006)
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12 Miles West Theatre
“Freestyle — a Jazz with Spoken Word and Video collaboration” (Bloomfield, NJ) June 1, 2006
Guest Composers; Russ Vines and Turntablist Chad Moser
Spoken Word Artists:Climbing Poetree/Alixa & Naima
Rap Artists:Paloiy & Ink
Vocalists:Teresa Reynolds and Julian Buchanan
Video DJ Schiller Desgrottes
“Line Up” a video by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese
Actor David Wohl
Poet Bill Zavatsky
This concert featured the music of the 7 resident composers of Diane Moser’s Composers Big Band, plus 2 guest composers (8 of those compositions were world premieres),collaborating with the myriad of guest artists on the program in unique configurations.
There was a pre-concert discussion with the composers at 7:30 PM in the theater and audience members were invited to speak with the composers and performers at the reception after the concert.
Produced by Diane Moser and 12 Miles West Theatre Company
Funded in part by Meet The Composer’s MetLife Creative Connections
Burgdorff Cultural Center
(Maplewood, NJ) Oct. 2003
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
(Newark, NJ) August 2003
Cecil’s Jazz Club
(West Orange, NJ) July 2003
Jersey Jazz by the Lake Festival
(Cranford, NJ) Sept. 1999
Montclair Jazz Series
(Montclair, NJ) June 1998
Tierney’s Tavern
(Montclair, NJ) January 1997–June 2003 (monthly appearances)

Resident Composers

  • Jim Cifelli
  • Marty Fogel
  • Matt Haviland
  • Rob Henke
  • Rob Middleton
  • Diane Moser
  • Erick Storckman
  • Russ Vines
  • Ed Xiques

Guest Composers and Performers

  • Greisha Alexiev
  • Joe Andolino
  • Bob Ackerman
  • Judy Bady
  • Frank Bennett
  • Jane Ira Bloom
  • Kenny Berger
  • Linda Blacken
  • Allan Breithaupt
  • Anita Brown
  • Ann Belmont
  • Jackie Cain
  • Richie Cole
  • Anne Connolly
  • Dennis Connors
  • Richard DeRosa
  • Mark Dresser
  • Joe Daley
  • Akua Dixon
  • Schiller Desgrottes
  • Keaton Douglas
  • Michale Early
  • Andy Erdman
  • Mike Effenberger
  • Marcelino Feliciano
  • Satoko Fujii
  • Gaylord French
  • Tony Gairo
  • Kirpal Gordon
  • Enrico Granefei
  • Mark Helias
  • Mike Holober
  • Bob Hanlon
  • Miki Hatcher
  • Diana Herold
  • Howard Johnson
  • Sy Johnson
  • Sarah James
  • Peter Jarvis
  • Jim Jones
  • Bill Kirchner
  • Tommy Knight
  • Lenart Krecic
  • Oliver Lake
  • Jim Lapidus
  • Adam Lane
  • Kim Lake
  • Mike Lee
  • Tina Marsh
  • Jim McNeely
  • Linda Miksza
  • Bill Mobley
  • Pete McGuiness
  • Chico Mendoza
  • Marilyn Mohr
  • Chad Moser
  • Kirk Nurock
  • Tom Nelson
  • Mike Near
  • Kevin Norton
  • John O’Brien
  • Frank Perowsky
  • Andrea Pollini
  • Pam Purvis
  • Prasana
  • Bernard Purdy
  • Natascha Radke Henke
  • Jeff Raheb
  • Rufus Reid
  • Lewis Robinson
  • Michele Rosewoman
  • Marc Rossi
  • Scott Reeves
  • Mary Redhouse
  • Janet Reeves
  • Dave Rimelus
  • Teresa Reynolds
  • J.C. Sanford
  • Joey Sellers
  • Norman Simmons
  • Lisa Sokolov
  • Marvin Stamm
  • Michael Jefrey Stevens
  • Rory Stewart
  • Gradie Stone
  • Matt Scott
  • Natsuki Tamura
  • Sue Terry
  • Walter Thompson
  • Mark Taylor
  • Noriko Ueda
  • Russ Vines
  • Gary Valente
  • Marlene and Billy VerPlanck
  • Vlad
  • Melissa Walker
  • Matt Wilson
  • David Wohl
  • Tom Wirtel
  • Bill Zavatsky

Guests in the Band

  • Lou Caputo
  • Paul Ostermeyer
  • Craig Yaremko
  • Ed Palermo
  • Cameron McManus
  • Pete Emblum
  • Jason Forsyth
  • Matt Blyk
  • Clarence Banks
  • Jim Staggnito
  • Vinnie Cutro
  • Jason Wiseman
  • Marty Bound
  • Jim O’Conner
  • Tim Ferguson
  • Gerry Hemingway
  • Freddie Hendrix
  • Calvin Hill
  • Tim Horner
  • Scott Peebles
  • Andy McKee
  • Josh Rubin
  • Libby Schwartz
  • Rolf Sturm
  • Dave Arndt
  • Chris Rogers
  • Eddie Allen
  • John Hines
  • Anton Denner
  • Nickie Denner
  • Chris Rogers
  • Ron Vincent
  • Eliot Zigmund
  • Nathan Eklund
  • and many more!..