The Art of the Duo: Diane Moser & Mark Dresser

Last night, pianist Diane Moser and contrabassist Mark Dresser created together an astonishing series of duets in The Back Room at 98 Bottles. …Dresser and Moser have a deep connection that dates back to the '70s — each is a superb musician with their own personal languages brought to the table, or in this case, perhaps altar is a more apt description — given the spiritual dynamic that seemed to be in play. …Bass and piano courted the notion of beauty for its own sake — and I totally bought into it. Dresser's solo seemed to aim at squeezing the truth out of individual notes and phrases — and Moser set it all up with gloriously paced, rich, harmonies. …Closing with the bassist's joyous extrapolation of Zimbabwean market culture, "Ekoneni," brought the celebrative aspect of this sublime collaboration to a fitting conclusion. The audience couldn't help but rise to their feet in appreciation.

Robert Bush – San Diego Reader