CD Review Tim Ferguson Inside/Out “Hold That Thought!” Midwest Record

midwest record TIM FERGUSON INSIDE/OUT/Hold That Thought: While this improv jazz trio isn’t playing corporate music or mass market music, what the number and data crunchers will never understand is that if you don’t start out with purity of emotion, all the frippery will get you no where. This trio started jamming for fun, found they had a vibe in common and let things go from there. This set came about because the day after they played their first gig, they went into the studio and recreated it. Eggheads are certain to enjoy this thoughtful, sitting down jazz date, but if you are in the right mood, you might put aside your preconceptions and give it a whirl just to see what it feels like. If classic ECM Charlie Haden is your bag, you’re already halfway there.

CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher