CD Review Tim Ferguson Inside/Out: Hold That Thought! HiFi Piac

hi-fiThe American bassist Tim Ferguson has been an active performer in the world of jazz for more than a decade and a half. This musician is not only a frequent guest on the stage, but also in a recording studio, for this you can thank Tim, for now you can have a great record collection.

Ferguson’s prepared his introductory album in 1999, under the Panorama label. This was followed first by “Points of View”, and then “Trilogues” and “Perspectives”. In 2006, “Get Out of Town” got in stores. Almost two years later “What’s Going On”. The performer’s latest album,”Hold That Thought!” was released on the Planet Arts label. This album was made jointly with Rob Henke (trumpet) and Diane Moser (piano). A meaningful part of the compositions found in the repertoire were written by the members of the trio. Exceptions are the opening and closing compositions. The former is Charlie Haden’s “Silence” and the latter is Mal Waldron’s composition “You.” Altogether, one an say that really wonderful musical material was successfully brought together by the American players. On this record, Ferguson’s trio accomplishes a world of sound that is light, melodic (but not too popular) instrumentals, that are spiced by the memory of jazz stylings. This production offers the magical atmosphere of rich harmonies. The comfortable melodies, like for an example “Only A Dream”, “If You Call Me, Then I’ll Call You” and the title song “Hold That Thought”, disengage the inner stress within and mean total entertainment. Those who like the new album can also bravely browse among Ferguson’s earlier recordings.
by Michael Czékus Sept, 2014
[note:This is a translation from a Hungarian text, I have added a few words here and there to smooth the translation. Many thanks to Yvonne Orr for her help in translating! My apologies to Michael Czékus if I have mistaken his intent, D.M.]