Music for the Last Flower

Diane Moser Quintet. Music for the Last Flower, Planet Arts 301325, 2014.

Track Listing and samples

Liner Notes

The James Thurber book “The Last Flower-A Parable in Pictures” was the source of inspiration for this music. Written in September 1939, the story recounts the cycles of war, despair and hopelessness, love that is found, and a hope for peace.

This music is a sonic exploration of words, drawings and intent, played out through the dimensions of structured and free improvisation. Rhythms of tanks, machine guns and bombers that cry on their descent to destruction, combine with voices of despair and hopelessness. The sensation of whirling through love and the joyousness of rebirth is interrupted by chaos and devastation. Prayerful tones are released into the ethers, looking for the pathway to reconnect with peace.

The consummate musicianship and unique talents of the members of this quintet, Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway, Marty Ehrlich and Ben Williams, played an integral role in the creation of this music. I can only put the notes on the page and voice my intent; the rest is a sonic conversation between souls, traveling together through time and space. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful journey they provided.

Special thanks to Chamber Music America, New Music USA, Tom Bellino and Planet Arts, The Central Presbyterian Church of Montclair, NJ and Gaylord French, Tedesco Recordings Studios, John Guth, Dennis Connors, Bruce Hanson, and Rob Henke for your support, expertise and creativity in the creation of this project.

Music and Flower
Drawing by Rob Henke

And to all who listen to this recording,
may peace and harmony be with you.

Diane Moser October 16, 2013

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