Michael Early, Diane Moser and Serious Fun June 15th

Michael Early Composer and Performer
Michael Early Composer and Performer

On Sat June 15th,7:30 PM at Grace & St. Paul’s Church 123 West 71st Street,NYC, Michael Early and I come together again for another adventurous evening of free improvisation! I really enjoy performing with Mike, his sensitivity to sound and the nuances that he creates, puts forth a sonic palette that is a delight to explore!

Serious Fun
Serious Fun is Anthony LaMort, John Hammel and Peter Biedermann.

On the second set and our hosts for the evening, the seriously wonderful trio “Serious Fun” with Anthony La Mort, John Hammel and Peter Biedermann. There will be lots of free improvisation with lots of keyboards, synths, guitars, effects and poetry. From their website..”This is a trio whose music defies easy categorization: neither ‘jazz’ by any stretch, or anywhere near ‘rock’ music or even something resembling what most would consider to be strictly ‘electronic’ by nature. Serious Fun wipe out, in one fell swoop, the boundaries between contemporary experimental music’s.” It’s gonna be a seriously fun night of music!