Andrea Wolper, Ken Filiano, and Diane Moser at IBEAM May 31st 8:30 PM

Andrea Wolper Andrea Wolper, Ken Filiano, Diane Moser at IBEAM Brooklyn, May 31st, 8:30 PM.This is my first time performing with Andrea Wolper, and I am thrilled that she has asked me to be on this gig along with bassist (and her husband) Ken Filiano. I asked Andrea to send me a description of the evening’s music.. “Words and music meet in unexpected ways. Poems turn into lyrics. Composition and improvisation provide homes for found texts. Songs have literary pedigrees. There will be German playwrights, tormented American poets, revolutions, New York city sidewalks. And hopefully you!” Ken Filiano
I can tell you that after the rehearsal we had yesterday, it is much more than that! The music is exquisite and beautiful. There are poems by Andrea as well as Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman. It is not an easy thing to compose music, weave in poetry and free improvisation, but Andrea has accomplished this on a very deep level. Her music will draw you in, and you’ll begin wondering…where am I? But no worries, you are in that special place where your imagination can take flight, uplifted by the sounds of her voice, the bass and the piano.